Otoplasty is a minor surgery performed on the ears, with the aim of solving different aesthetic anomalies that may have to do with their shape, size or location.

It is a process that does not affect the patient's hearing and has an immediate improvement effect, since the results are immediately visible.

Dr. Sergiu Vieru performs this intervention in consultation with local anesthesia, and its duration is approximately 2 hours.

You are a candidate for otoplasty if:

  • It bothers you that your ears are far apart from your head.
  • One or both of your ears are misshapen due to injury or a birth defect.
  • You don't like the size of your ears and you want to change it.

Like any other type of surgery, otoplasty has some risks:

  • Scar formation.
  • Asymmetry in the location of the ears. 
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Overcorrection

To avoid these complications, the patient will have an exhaustive follow-up by the entire Derma Clinic Spain team, and must attend their review appointments.

This intervention does not require recovery or hospitalization, however, the patient must follow the guidelines and advice of the doctor regarding hygiene measures, medications and protection of the area during the following days.

The first valuation appointment is completely free.

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