Treatment of body flaccidity

Treatment of body flaccidity

Treatment for abdomen, arms and legs

The body flaccidity It is one of the main aesthetic concerns of women and men of practically all ages. This implies loss of tone and firmness in the skin and muscle tissue.

Retracted with tensioner

The biocompatible wires with a real effect of Lifting without surgery and that adapt to the needs of each patient, they are implanted using minimal local anesthesia that makes the procedure practically painless. 

So this is the best treatment for flaccidity and fully compatible and recommended with other treatments for the prevention and treatment of aging.

Other treatments available at Derma Clinic Spain are:

  • BIoplasty
  • Puncture and revitalization of natural extracts, homeopathy and autologous (blood plasma)
  • MESOHYL implants of PDO threads, natural stimulants of collagen production
  • Body mesotherapy
  • Intralotherapy

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