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Jett Plasma Lift medical- is the best equipment with 21st century revolutionary technology – PLASMA flow laser, which stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres, improves sun-damaged skin, reduces wrinkles and smooths the surface of the skin and causes local skin retraction.
In Derma Clinic Spain since we have Jett Plasma Lift we use it for treatments of multitude of lesions and imperfections in the skin, as well as surface wrinkles or expression in the area of ​​the contours of eyes and around the mouth, Also we performed the so-called “blepharoplasty without surgery” – rejuvenation of both the upper and lower eyelid without having surgery with an accuracy that other equipment does not allow, with long-term results after a single session.
Used a lot for our aesthetician for non-medical beauty treatments for facial and body rejuvenation, to specific heads equipment with immediate results.
FOR WHO is recommended : In Derma Clinic Spain we recommend Jett plasma lift laser treatment for all people who want to eliminate any imperfections of the skin such as: spots, ruby ​​spots, warts, nevus, spider veins, scars, tattoos, etc. It is also indicated for patients who want to permanently eliminate expression wrinkles in the eye contour, drooping eyelid and wrinkles of the mouth contour-crow’s feet, bar code/smoker lines …
HOW it work: The flow of plasma has the advantage that does not deepen and does not damage other tissues, but only affects the surface of the skin at the point of application, so it is very safe. Before the treatment we apply topical or local anesthesia in the area that we are going to treat.
When we treat the lesions (spots, warts, …) of the skin we apply the plasma with the sweeping technique, eliminating the lesion layer by layer. For the treatment of wrinkles or the fall of eyelid skin, causing a retraction of the skin, we mark the area and we make multiple points always leaving healthy tissue around which helps to a very fast recovery. The results are immediate, leaving a small scab that falls in a few days, then the new skin should be protected from the sun with a sunscreen cream.
The duration of treatment is 30-60 min depending on the area to be treated and it is recommended from 1 to 3 sessions, although with 1 session is usually enough and the level of patient satisfaction is maximum.
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Info by Dr. Sergiu Vieru MD, medical director in Derma Clinic Spain, dermatologist, master en aesthetic medicine, expert in anti ageing

30 April, 2018

I started about 10 years ago when I was studying the specialisation, doing extra hours in the afternoon at a private medical aesthetic center in the Republic of Moldova, 6 years ago I came to Spain to perfect my studies and do the master of aesthetic medicine, and in love with this country I’ve decided to stay to live …

To be able to really do what you like, help people and enjoy my work …

Beauty can be defined as something that brings happiness to those who have it, nothing is beautiful of all points of view …
Beauty is the harmony between chance and good … (SIMONE WEIL)
Beauty is a symbol of moral good …. (KANT)

In the treatments we always seek harmony, naturalness, prevention, solve the problem and results.

Every time at the social level, people are more aware of the beauty, both women and men, daily concerns more and more include the aspect, or as others will see us …; Beauty helps overcome and strengthens the making of many important decisions in all aspects of life.

Since beauty has always been a concern, it will continue to increase, because the dream of eternal youth will never end …


All patients have their particular beauty, they are all very special

Yes, of course, it is like the retouching with the photographic programs so that the photo comes out better, we with the help and the combination of several treatments we improve the natural picture (image) of the people …

YES, it is not only possible, if not necessary … for all that can be more beautiful.

25 January, 2018

Is there any way to eliminate the “cottage cheese” on your thighs and rear end?

Yes absolutely!

Cellulites is just normal fat beneath your skin. It looks lumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker. That’s why you can have it whether you’re heavy or thin. Women are more likely to get it than men.

Prolonged sitting and an inactive lifestyle may change circulatory patterns and increase the risk of developing cellulite. Smokers also have a higher risk of developing cellulite, as do those who stand in one place for long periods of time. The best time to start making smart decisions is before cellulite begins to appear. There are four stages of development which may begin in women as early as age 16.

Grade 0: No cellulite present

Grade 1: Smooth skin while standing, bumps and dimples appear while sitting.

Grade 2: Orange peel or cottage cheese appearance sitting or standing.

Grade 3: Orange peel appearance present while sitting or standing with deep raised and depressed areas.

At Derma Clinic Spain we treat cellulites in different ways, but a very effective and popular treatment is made by small injections into the fat tissue. With the help of Alidya cellulite dissolving treatment, anybody can proudly wear shorts and bikinis all summer long. Alidya is the first injectable medical device indicated for the prevention and treatment of cellulite. The treatment is done in 20 minutes and the lasting results can be seen within 1,5-2 months. The treatment can be used on any area with cellulite.

Now is the time to prepare the body for spring and bikini season, so start the planing now. For more information give us a call, or order your first consultation for free. Also like us on Facebook to follow our monthly discounts and new treatments.

22 January, 2018
“I have always been happy with my lips, all though they are small. But as I’m aging, I see that also the shape of the lips are changing, and the lines around the mouth appears, all though I’ve never smoked”
   A patient shared her concerns with the doctor, and he assured her that this is a normal aging sign, but also it’s possible and easy to do something about it.
Most fillers are based on Hyaluronic Acid – which is injected into the lip, to increase volume and size. The hyaluronic acid fillers work by not only plumping the lip directly but also trapping water within lips for a natural, plump pout. As the lip gets a plumped natural size, also the lines around the mouth will get more stretched and less visible. The filler can also be put in the line of the lip, and the result is very natural, with a small lifted sensation.
There are many different fillers in the market, and therefore always make a little research before you do a treatment; in Derma Clinic Spain we have many different , but the most used is Restylane KISSE with amazing immediate result. Also be aware that only doctors are allowed to do this treatment.Make your appointment on phone or email with experienced specialist doctor to give you advice and help you to get the result you want.
20 November, 2017

-If you want an anti wrinkle treatment, the hyaluronic filler will give you instant result. The treatment lasts for only 20-30 minutes, and the results are amazing! The product is natural, and integrates with the skin. The result last for almost a year, and the best of all, it will not change the expression of your face.

A lot of our customers also put a little Botox in the front head, to make the muscles relax, and in it self, this is an anti wrinkle treatment for forehead, and lines next to the eyes. The result showes in 5 days, and the face looks relaxed, and energized.

If your skin feels grey and you need to get back the energy to the cells, pealing would be the excellent treatment. A chemical pealing will gently and effective take away dead skin cells, and speed up the process of producing new and healthy cells. This will give the skin a fresh start, and your skin will look illuminated and healthy.

To make a plan for your personal beauty skin preparation for Christmas, don’t wait until the last minute, but contact us now on phone 0034 674255579- DERMA CLINIC SPAIN and we will help you to make a plan to make you a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS


5 November, 2017

Injectable fillers can give a more youthful appearance at the same time than a traditional face wash. And what is more important than the cost, is that the face does not change as it does with a facelift ,it  remain natural and without scarring. The treatment is done in less than 30 minutes, and you get the result at the same time!
Most of the time, furrows, lines and wrinkles with results that can last from 6 months to more than 1 year. Wrinkle fillers can also be used as “volumizers,” filling and lifting cheeks, chins, jaws and temples; filling the thin lips and even the aged hands. You can also stimulate your own collagen production thanks to the properties of hyaluronic acid, the most popular and safe natural filler used by the medical team of Derma Clinic Spain
Not all fillings are suitable for all types of wrinkles. The lower risks and better results come from correctly using the filling products. That is why you can only do the treatment, inject fillings in a dermatologist or certified cosmetic doctor with continuous and special training, the importance of this is that the doctor is trained to control and resolve any type of complication or dissatisfaction of the patient; nurses or beauticians do not have enough training to be able to handle solve problems using  these products- they will send you to the doctor. The most popular category of wrinkle fillers is hyaluronic acid, each type works in a different  way with variable results.

At Derma Clinic Spain, whenever you want, you can look for a natural look.
You and our medical team can decide which aspect is best for your face !!!

27 October, 2017

If you’re skin has started to show the signs of aging, you may be considering cosmetic procedures. There are many to choose from, but one of the most effective ways to reverse the signs of aging is the Vampire Facial. The Vampire Facial offers patients a number of benefits, from firmer skin to a brightened complexion. We can treat fine line wrinkles around the eyes and around the mouth. Also scars after acne and stretch marks.

​The vampire treatment, also known as PRP (Platalet Rich Plasma) is widely used in rejuvenating skin care. The name comes from the treatment procedure where the blood is being brought out from your own arm as a blood sample, and placed in a spinning centrifuge, which works to separate the platelets and plasma out of the blood. Blood plates has the ability to renew the skin and improve the skin’s ability to produce collagen.

As the treatment is based on your own blood, it has no risk of allergic reactions. The treatment helps the body to renewal of its own tissue, and therefore can be used on several problem areas.

You might ask if a PRP treatment is right for you?

What we treat with PRP?

• Fine wrinkles around the eyes

• Wrinkles around the mouth

• Scars after acne

• Wrinkles in the forehead or neck

• Stretch marks

• Hair loss

Treatment takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the zone we are working with. The change in the skin, you will see after a few weeks, as this by which cells improves itself, and new collagen is produced. is a process

Now in October we have a special offer for this treatment. Call us to make an appointment.

This treatment is safe and 100% natural, and it doesn’t have the risks associated with more invasive cosmetic procedures. It does not cause allergic reactions, and most patients don’t even experience noticeable swelling or bruising. This means that the treatment requires little downtime. Patients often go back to work the day after the treatment

Speaking with a qualified dermatologist at Derma Clinic Spain  can help you decide if PRP is the right for you, or if you should consider an alternative route of treatment. ​

3 October, 2017

Derma Clinic Spain is a professional medical and esthetic center situated in the beautiful resident of Forum Mare Nostrum. The parking is available. As we are about, the clinic has a modern facility with less then a kilometer away from the busy city center of Alfaz del Pi, you will always feel your privacy as visiting our clinic. The clinic is open for everybody.

 Our patients are from all ages. Our youngest patients are children from 4-5 years, who seek a safe environment to examine skin problems like eczema or a rash, but also a sterile place to get the first ear ring. Our oldest customers comes for both skincare problems like moles in change, but also for problems like heavy eyelids or a nutritional advise from the doctor. In additional to dermatology, we have patients for skin improvement, and repairing of damaged skin. We offer different treatments like filler, botox, and advanced antipigmentation treatments. We also do medical skincare treatments with medical products, only for clinics.

Our team is always updated on the newest technology and innovative treatments and last news for national and international congress and conferences. We have the most professional equipment to work with, and in cases where surgery used to be necessary, we now use no-surgery equipment, and the patient can go home the same day.

 To us, every patient is unique, and every problem is different, so we always advise individually, thinking about the satisfaction and well-being of the patient.

15 January, 2017

In the healthy lifestyle, balance is the key, but sometimes it is difficult, we are human … and more in time of important dates such as Christmas or other holidays where abuse is noticeable and much on our skin. Here we tell you that and how to improve your skin after abuse such as:

The alcohol

Alcohol is diuretic, so we run to the bathroom after a long night drinking, and in the morning you notice the face dry as a cactus. The best way for your skin to return to normal is to drink water or isotonic drinks before going to bed, also apply a moisturizer and / or oil that does not allow hydration; If you have not met these requirements you can go to your aesthetic doctor and make a key treatment that is mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid for a hydration and normalization of the skin.

Read More

17 October, 2016

Minor surgery includes a series of simple surgical procedures and generally short duration, performed on superficial tissues (skin) and / or easily accessible structures under local anesthesia, with low risk and without major surgical complications


▪ Repair of skin lacerations (cuts)
▪ Drainage of nail bruises
▪ The drainage of abscesses,
▪ Hemorrhoidal thrombectomy Read More