Derma Clinic Spain acquired more equipment to carry out electrostimulation treatments. Undoubtedly a first level technology to treat pain, do rehabilitation and sports training. 

Under the supervision and control of Dr. Sergiu Vieru, COMPEX teams are administered. It is a brand of Swiss origin that has 20 years of experience in the area.

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Electrostimulation technology became an ally for health professionals and athletes of excellence. It is a training technique used in physical preparation, muscle recovery, injury prevention, rehabilitation or pain management. The effectiveness of Compex stimulators is supported by clinical studies; They belong to the category of class II medical devices and meet the requirements of the European medical directive 93/42 EEC.

Derma Clinic Spain aims to improve the quality of life in each treatment. For this reason, it adds as a holistic proposal to electrostimulation. 

The possibilities of electrostimulation is that it can be applied to almost everyone. It is only excluded from those who have precise contraindications. In addition, the idea that it is exclusive for experienced athletes is demystified. Its use reaches a wide spectrum of application. 

On the other hand, treatments that use electrostimulation technology help improve people’s daily lives. They facilitate the possibility of acquiring healthy habits, creating routines, exercising, facilitating relaxation and starting a path of self-care. 

Regarding the results, shortly after implementing this technology the patient begins to see and especially feel the results. 

Derma Clinic Spain recently incorporated a COMPEX device. These are AYRE compression boots. It is a therapeutic product that uses pulsating dynamic compression on the limbs in waves for the duration of its use, helping to promote rapid recovery. It is used to treat muscle pain and swelling. Help relieve muscle aches and / or aches from exercise or recreational activities, helping you achieve optimal recovery.

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