Thread hair removal, also known as ‘threading’, is a method that removes root hair and does not cause irritation or inflation, thus becoming a revolution for the world of facial hair removal. In Dermal Clínica Spin we have the personnel trained to develop this treatment with all hygiene standards ensuring its effectiveness and benefits.

Although the technique has gained popularity in recent times, its implementation is not new. It is a modality of millenary hair removal from India, totally natural and realizable with a cotton or silk thread. It is the way to remove the most used facial hair in the countries of the Middle East and Asia.

This 100% natural method removes hair from the root without causing irritation or inflammation in the skin. Its characteristics make it advisable for anyone who wants to remove hair from the eyebrows, bozo, chin and cheeks, even those who have sensitive skin or have allergies.

In this method two elements are important. On the one hand the technique in the hand to move it efficiently and remove the hairs, and on the other a hypolargenic cotton or silk thread that curls in the hand of the person who will carry out the procedure.

One of the most striking advantages is that it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, this attracts powerful attention since people wonder what a thread can do to prevent skin aging. Fundamentally, it works on a delicate area of ​​the skin where the dermis is very thin without causing irritation or being invasive. This, in the long term, causes the skin in that area to be more resistant and not damaged, suffering with less impact over time.

On the other hand, this technique generates a lifting effect because when the threads move on the skin they produce a massage on the area that you want to shave. Relaxation on the skin is noticed during the procedure and after implementing it. This also occurs because it is a little painful treatment against others such as wax or tweezers.

The possibility of catching the hair with an element as fine as a thread allows to remove even the most incipient hair collaborating with the weakening of future growth.

Hygiene is another key point in this method. By not using anything other than a thread and the technique of the person who applies it, the risks of making a mistake due to lack of cleanliness or the possibility of infection are much less. Even the way to extract the hair reduces the risk of a future capillary incarnation.

The result obtained by threading lasts between 20 to 30 days depending on the organism of each person and the effectiveness in the application of the treatment.

 It is necessary to mention that it is a technique that must be performed by a trained professional since a bad maneuver of the thread that produces the hair removal can end the benefits of this treatment.

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