We know that, in this area of ​​Spain, the long and hot summer days always take longer to leave, but it seems that they are coming to an end. The leaves of the trees change color, the annoying mosquitoes stop stinging at us and we begin to get the jackets and boots out of the closet.

Although the change of season brings back to our most homemade and pleasant routines it can also bring unwanted allergies. Many people think that allergies only arise during spring, but with ragweed blowing in the wind, mold growing in damp areas and dust mites always present, it seems we can’t escape allergies and skin irritations. For this reason and because in Derma Clinic Spain we want to take care of you at each time of the year, we will give you some tips to keep the conditions that may appear on the skin at this time of the year:

1. Understand your skin

When it comes to seasonal allergies, many people do not know that pollen or ragweed can cause irritation. Pollen is not the most common allergy this season, but it is very common to experience itching and / or redness in some areas of the skin. If the pollen comes in contact within the skin of an allergic person, excessive itching can occur and a rash develops. Knowing how your skin reacts to the various changes in air quality in autumn will help you get ahead of these eruptions. Ideally, avoid any exposure to irritants and allergens but this is not always a viable option. Knowing your skin and how it changes with the seasons is extremely useful.

2. Prevent skin rashes

If your skin suffers with the change of season there are things you can do to calm and / or heal the rash.

  1. Change and wash clothes: after spending time outdoors, change your clothes and send it directly to the washing machine.
  2. Showers help decrease the effect of allergic substances on your skin.
  3. Antihistamine if necessary: ​​sometimes allergy symptoms become unbearable in many ways. An antiistamine (ideally prescribed by your doctor) can be of great help. Disinfect surfaces: disinfect surfaces and keep them clean is also essential to reduce allergens.
  4. Keep the windows closed: in this way neither the pollen nor the air currents that fill your home with pollutants will enter.
  5. Aloe vera: a gel as pure as possible is fantastic for reducing inflammation and irritation of the affected areas.

As you can see, some small changes in your lifestyle during the fall can really make a big difference. So try them and see for yourself how few gestures can keep your allergy under control! Are you worried about your skin this autumn? Call us

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