Sclerotherapy is configured as an effective way to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins that appear over time. It is a simple treatment that does not involve large complications for the patient and results in a significant improvement.

Sclerotherapy treatment involves the injection of a medication into the vein that you want to relieve. This solution causes the vein to heal causing the blood to be rerouted through another healthy vein. The vein that was collapsed and it was decided to treat is absorbed by the local tissue and disappears over the days.

Veins treated in sclerotherapy tend to disappear within a few weeks. It is worth mentioning that in some patients the varicose vein removal process may take a little longer.

This highly effective treatment is performed to improve the appearance of varicose veins and spider veins, it can also improve symptoms such as pain, swelling, burning and night cramps.
Although sclerotherapy may have side effects in some patients, among which it can be listed are bruises, reddened areas, darkened skin in the form of lines or spots, among others, they disappear over time.

Before undergoing sclerotherapy treatment, an assessment test must be performed. At Derma Clinic Spain, Dr. Sergiu Vieru is trained to be able to evaluate each patient to give him the treatment he needs. When collecting the medical history of each person, the affected veins, the conditions of the organism, the evaluation of any related disease, medications or pharmacological treatments, allergies, among others are determined.

The treatment is brief and usually does not take more than an hour to complete. The person who participated in this solution for varicose veins should carry the compressed area without presenting major problems or complications later.

Sclerotherapy does not require great care after the intervention and the patient can resume his activities as long as they do not involve a physical effort in the area that was treated. On the other hand it is recommended to avoid that the treated area suffers sun exposure to avoid irritation. It is important to take into account the particular indications given by each doctor to each person.

As for results, the veins that respond to treatment do not usually return but it is anticipated that new ones may appear. Sclerotherapy studies indicate that the treatment is effective between 60% and 80%

In Derma Clinic Spain these treatments are usually carried out. In addition to having the professionalism of Doctor Sergiu Vieru, the facilities and infrastructure necessary to carry out a safe and hygienic treatment are available.

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