PRP (Platalet Rich Plasma) is widely used in rejuvenating skin care. The name comes from the treatment procedure where the blood is being brought out from your own arm as a blood sample, and placed in a spinning centrifuge, which works to separate the platelets and plasma out of the blood. Blood plates has the ability to renew the skin and improve the skin’s ability to produce collagen.

As the treatment is based on your own blood, it has no risk of allergic reactions. The treatment helps the body to renewal of its own tissue, and therefore can be used on several problem areas.

You might ask if a PRP treatment is right for you?

What we treat with PRP?

• Fine wrinkles around the eyes

• Wrinkles around the mouth

• Scars after acne

• Wrinkles in the forehead or neck

• Stretch marks

• Hair loss


Treatment takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the zone we are working with. The change in the skin, you will see after a few weeks, as this by which cells improves itself, and new collagen is produced. is a process

This treatment is safe and 100% natural, and it doesn’t have the risks associated with more invasive cosmetic procedures. It does not cause allergic reactions, and most patients don’t even experience noticeable swelling or bruising. This means that the treatment requires little downtime. Patients often go back to work the day after the treatment

Speaking with a qualified dermatologist at Derma Clinic Spain  can help you decide if PRP is the right for you, or if you should consider an alternative route of treatment. ​







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