A “peeling” is an exfoliation using chemical or mechanical substances on the skin to remove layers and eliminate imperfections. It is called this way because it comes from the English “to peel” which means “to peel”. 

The skin naturally has a renewal process, with age this changes and there is a slowdown in metabolism. As we grow we need some collaboration to ensure proper skin renewal.

This treatment mainly seeks to reduce wrinkles, hydrate the skin, rejuvenate the tissues and provide luminosity. In this sense, at Derma Clinic Spain we personalize the peeling according to the needs of each patient. We offer different options to obtain the best results for each person. 

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The realization of a facial peel is requested to a great extent to treat acne and its consequences. This trend has been increasing due to the appearance of the famous “Maskne”, the acne produced by the consequences of the use of masks. 

Regarding the types of Peeling, the classification is made based on the type of damage they do to the skin. The superficial ones do not affect the skin below the epidermis, the medium ones reach the dermis and the deep ones to the deepest layer of it.


CO2 laser peeling: it is a recommended technique to smooth expression lines formed around the lips and eyes. In addition, it eliminates solar and seborrheic keratoses and other injuries caused by sun damage and aging of the skin. It is not recommended for people with oily skin.

Chemical peel: An abrasive chemical is placed on the skin to make it fall off and other skin appears without marks or injuries. Retinoic, trichloroacetic and phenol acids are some of those used for this peeling technique. The duration of the treatment is half an hour.


  • People with blemishes looking for an even skin tone.
  • People who want to rejuvenate their skin and see it more luminous, because by eliminating the first layer we also help to improve wrinkles and luminosity.
  • People with acne or oily skin to improve skin imperfections , therefore very beneficial in adolescents.
  • If you have neither acne, nor wrinkles, nor spots, a peel is also very useful to ensure correct penetration of any treatment you are doing, use a peel 1 or 2 times a week at night, it helps you improve penetration of any cosmetic product and therefore will be more effective.


After any type of facial treatment, attention to sun protection must be reinforced. In particular, after a peeling session it will be essential to follow the medical recommendations, which will include cleaning your skin with a mild product and applying a special cream two to three times a day, until the peeling period has passed. 

At Derma Clinic Spain we are specialists in dermatology. Our medical director is one of the cutting-edge professionals in this sector. If you want to contact us to personalize your treatment, contact us to achieve a radiant, luminous and healthy skin.

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