January is a month to start with eager intentions and to start body work  out for the summer. There are innumerable cosmetic treatments to provide firmness in certain key areas in the body, and one of them is the buttocks. T

oday we will talk about a procedure that has not been well known so far but will gain popularity for its fabulous and lasting results: the buttock lift with Sculptra. This treatment is considered the alternative without surgery to the already known Brazilian butt lift.

The benefits are multiple:

  • Natural results: subtle and impressive elevation of the buttocks.
  • Suitable for all patients: the thinnest patients have always had conflict when finding a treatment that offers immediate results. This is no longer a problem with Sculptra.
  • Non-surgical: lower risks and complications
  • Non-invasive: anesthesia is not required
  • Short recovery: easy return to routine Fast treatment: limited life interruption
  • Safe materials: injections easily absorb
  • Long lasting results: the results can last up to 2-5 years Which patients are the most appropriate?

Excellent candidates for a buttock lift with Sculptra men and women who:

  • They want to increase the volume, size or shape of their buttocks without surgery.
  • They seek to improve the contour of the area of ​​the buttocks without going through the operating room.
  • Patients who wish to treat the area of ​​“hip immersion” Patients who want a subtle lift in the buttocks area

In Derma Clinic Spain Dr. Sergiu Vier is a specialist in buttock lift with Sculptra.

In the first assessment visit the doctor will determine the number of vials you need to achieve the desired objectives. If you are looking for a way to beautify your buttocks by providing firmness and volume, Sculptra is the perfect solution for you.


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    Pls send me more I for on sculptra as pricing etc. this is so tho g I’ve been looking into instead of bbl.

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      Good afternoon, yes of course. Could you give us your contact details? So we can get in touch for you an inform you with not commitment at all.

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