GentleMax Pro: the new exclusive laser treatment from Derma Clinic Spain

GentleMax Pro: the new exclusive laser treatment from Derma Clinic Spain

GentleMax Pro® is a new system, which is consolidated as unique by offering various treatments in a single tool: hair removal for all skin types, as well as pigmented lesions (spots, freckles,….) and vascular (spider veins, varicose veins, angiomas,…). At Derma Clinic Spain, we rely on specialized results to each case and in offering our patients the best and latest in technology dermo-aesthetics. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods to permanently say goodbye to hair. in our body: that is why, today, it is one of the most demanded treatments in centers and aesthetic clinics.

More and more people are choosing to undergo treatment for laser hair removal and thus forget about wax, depilatory cream or blades, which are only temporary solutions. One of the main criteria for choosing this option is the fact of entrusting this task to a team expert, with knowledge and practical experience in the realization of this service, always under the supervision of a dermatologist.

At Derma Clinic Spain, we trust the results specialized for each case and in offering our patients the best and latest in technology dermoesthetics from the hand of our professionals. GentleMax Pro is a new exclusive laser platform at Derma Clinic Spain, whose double length waveform combines the alexandrite laser, the most powerful and fastest that exists, with the Nd: YAG laser, so that the treatment thus has a high performance in terms of speed and effectiveness.

Besides, his Large head application system makes GentleMax Pro the double hair removal laser fastest wavelength on the market. GentleMax Pro is constituted as the first laser that guarantees optimal results crosswise. In the same way, with this technique you will not suffer burns or scars of any kind after realization. A widespread concern among people who come for consultation about the Laser hair removal is the possibility of burns, which can be avoided by through choosing the appropriate laser system for your skin type and whose wave speed does not require be on the affected area for an extended period of time.

For these reasons, in Derma Clinic Spain we offer a type of hair removal and laser treatment that always provides more benefits to each and every one of our patients in a unique way. Thus, one of the main advantages of using GentleMax Pro is its recommended use for all types of skins (regardless of the phototype that each patient has). Unlike other systems laser, which is adapted to obtain the best results depending on each skin type and hair, GentleMax Pro is the first laser to guarantee optimal results transversely.

The skin type of each person has a positive or negative influence on hair removal treatments laser that we are going to perform, so we must take into account not only the characteristics of the hair to be removed, but the particularities of each skin type. With GentleMax Pro we can forget about this problem: if before laser treatment was appropriate and effective according to your skin and hair characteristics, we now find a new system with which, Regardless of your phototype, you will be able to obtain your desired result. In addition, GentleMax Pro includes additional clinical indications for use as a treatment effective, using another type of head different from the one we would use as a treatment for hair removal, in various skin lesions: epidermal pigmented lesions, sun damage to the skin, skin spots age, freckles, vascular abnormalities, spider veins, telangiectasia on the face and legs, nail fungus, …

At Derma Clinic Spain we want to be at the forefront of innovation in aesthetic treatments, that is why we are the only clinic in Spain that offers this adaptive service for all of our patients.

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