Facial masculinization is a cosmetic medicine treatment that has gained a lot of popularity among men for its fantastic and immediate results It is a holistic approach that encompasses several treatments so that man has a much more manly face, with more angular, more pronounced and harmonic features.

The perception of masculinity can vary according to cultures, however, a square jaw, a straight nose, a pronounced chin, are considered more “masculine” traits. Some men no longer feel in tune with their faces: the facial contour and the contour are not very sharp and wish to bring more personality and appeal to their faces. Aesthetic medicine offers a non-invasive and surgery-free way to redraw, accentuate and beautify facial features with subtlety and naturalness.

Why facial masculinization?

Men and women are not genetically constructed in the same way with regard to our face: our hair color is different, our forehead can be low, bulky, narrow or fleeing … The eyes can be elongated or almond-shaped, the eyebrows may be more or less well drawn, arched, thick … The nose can be straight, flattened … The chin may appear fleeting, protruding, sharp … The cheeks may appear hollow, smooth or pale … And finally the ears could be separated, large, small …

These different characteristics create different faces and the possible combinations of all these features represent millions of faces. Each of us is unique.

These characteristics may be more or less fashionable, attract more or less people towards us and accentuate some particular features of us. These traits have been associated with femininity or masculinity. That said, thanks to aesthetic medicine we can obtain large eyes, more arched eyebrows and / or a small nose as a criterion of femininity, while thin lips, a large chin and a wide jaw would be associated with masculinity. However, you can be a man without having these traits or having a less pronounced version of them.

Bringing more masculinity is much sought after, especially by men who work constantly exposed to the public. By feeling more masculine, men can have better self-esteem, more confidence, more character and a stronger personality. Many people want to regain confidence, accentuate certain parts of their faces to feel better. All naturally and without losing the essence.

How is the treatment of facial masculinization?

In order to sculpt the features of the human face in any area, especially those of men, Derma Clinic Spain performs facial masculinization through injections of volumizing hyaluronic acid that beautifies the face without transforming it.

Dr. Sergiu Vieru knows in depth how to restructure the face with a stronger and wider chin, a more square jaw and more pronounced eyebrows, while respecting the natural facial proportions, without excess volume, for a natural result.

The results are immediate and fantastic.


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