The eyelash lifting is a procedure that gives expression to the look. The eyelash lift allows you to forget about masks, extensions or lengthening.

What is an eyelash lifting

The eyelash lifting is a treatment that is undoubtedly here to stay. Not only does it allow you to have a much more attractive look but it also helps the health of the capillaries because it eliminates the use of mascara or extensions that end up pulling them out.

It is a procedure that is performed quickly in an aesthetic center and does not require extreme care to maintain the results.

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The secret of this procedure lies in forming and lengthening the eyelashes of each person without the need to apply extensions or any external element in a fixed way.

At Derma Clinic Spain we have experts in this procedure. It is a painless treatment that saves time and money.

Eyelash lifting
Derma Clinic Spain – Eyelash lifting

Our experts detail that it is a treatment similar to eyelash extension with the benefit of not applying anything in a fixed way. It is achieved that the patient’s eyelashes are smoothed, stretched, and lifted gently one by one. Thus, it is the ideal treatment to lift and accentuate the curvature of the eyelashes in a natural way, providing a more sensual and sophisticated look.

The results are incredible. In less than an hour a person can wear a different appearance and dispense with the use of masks for an extended period.

After the treatment, it is recommended not to wet or moisten the area for at least 48 hours. Our professionals also ensure that it is not advisable to apply oily products on the eyelashes so that the applied products can fix correctly and the results are long-lasting.

Advantages of the eyelash lifting

  • It is cheaper than other eyelash treatments.
  • It does not damage the eyelashes because it does not use glue.
  • Provides a natural look.
  • A tint can be applied eliminating the use of mascara.

Disadvantages of the eyelash lifting

  • It is not a permanent treatment.
  • The results depend on the eyelashes of each patient.
  • Requires care the first 24 hours.

At Derma Clinic Spain we work with products of excellent quality. We not only have qualified professionals but also brands that support our procedures ensure successful results for our patients. At all times we prioritize the health of our patients.

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