Lobuloplasty is a plastic surgery that is performed on the ears, it is intended to solve some type of deformation in the lobe. This intervention is usually done for aesthetic purposes but sometimes, if the lobe is very torn, it is convenient to operate to prevent its total disappearance.

The ears and nose are two of the most visible areas of the face, so if they have defects, the person does not feel comfortable with their image and this can have an impact on their life in general. Lobuloplasty quickly solves some anomaly in the ear by providing self-esteem in the face of the solution of discomfort.

The deformation of the lobe can occur for different reasons, one of the most common reasons is to have overloaded the area with very heavy slopes or several holes to decorate the ears. They are also among the causes of trauma or birth defects that a person may have.

When the dilation or tear of the lobe is large, there is a risk that it will be lost permanently and reconstruction is necessary so that the ear recovers its normal appearance in a short time.

Although lobuloplasty is a simple treatment and the intervention does not require major complications, its difficulty will lie in the type of anomaly that each person presents. There is a big difference between rebuilding the lobe completely or treating a tear.

Advantages and benefits of lobuloplasty:

  • It is a quick and simple surgery
  • It has immediate resultsLocal anesthesia is used
  • The scar is very subtle
  • The patient can return to his normal life in a short time
  • The results are definitive.

At Derma Clinic Spain we have the staff and equipment to perform this intervention. It is important to keep in mind that before the surgery, the patient must undergo an evaluation. In our clinic, Dr. Sergiu Vieru will assess each case, recommending the best for the patient, prioritizing his health.

Lobuloplasty is an intervention classified as simple. After the operation, the wound that will be controlled later is closed. If the operation was successful, as usually happens, the points are removed after 15 days.

Once the stitches are removed and after consulting the condition of the lobe with the doctor, you can think of new holes for earrings. Doctors usually specify that the new hole should not be located next to the initial tear to prevent it from occurring again.

In Derma Clinic Spain Dr. Sergiu Vieru is a specialist in the performance of lobuloplasty. If you are looking for a way to restore the appearance of your ears by correcting your lobes, this intervention is perfect for you.

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