In the healthy lifestyle, balance is the key, but sometimes it is difficult, we are human … and more in time of important dates such as Christmas or other holidays where abuse is noticeable and much on our skin. Here we tell you that and how to improve your skin after abuse such as:

The alcohol

Alcohol is diuretic, so we run to the bathroom after a long night drinking, and in the morning you notice the face dry as a cactus. The best way for your skin to return to normal is to drink water or isotonic drinks before going to bed, also apply a moisturizer and / or oil that does not allow hydration; If you have not met these requirements you can go to your aesthetic doctor and make a key treatment that is mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid for a hydration and normalization of the skin.


The exeso of salt causes water retention, which creates the swollen circles under the eyes. To fight against these bags, use a gel goggles and / or nutricosmetics with a draining effect that can advise your doctor, or go to a session of facial massage draining for a professional treatment.

lady applying moisturizer to her face after shower


You are goals and your skin pays the price. A last sugar diet damages the collagen and the elastic of the skin and causes the premature aging. To combat early wrinkles, treatments such as: PRP- platelet-rich plasma or “vampire facelift”, medical chemical peeling, collagen injections, biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid will help keep the skin clear, without wrinkles or sagging

In Derma Clinic Spain we recommend avoiding these foods and maintaining a healthy diet derives a healthy skin. But it is advisable to increase the intake of antioxidants and aqua.


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