The confinement or social isolation arranged to stop the advance of the Covid-19 is undoubtedly one of the measures that most slows down contagion. On the other hand, it is still an experience that completely changed our life habits. Given this modification, our routine changed and in many cases our body, including our skin, can be altered.

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After a few weeks of quarantine and although we do not know when this will end, you can put in place a plan to detoxify your skin. In this process it is relevant to acquire constancy and know that a habit is incorporated day by day. You just need determination and perseverance.

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From Derma Clinic Spain we want to help you prepare for when this is all over. Below we detail 4 steps that will serve to improve your skin from within, eliminating toxins:


This step is essential and we already covered in other articles on this blog. Washing the face with soap and water removes much of the dirt but not all, which is why it is necessary to help with a cleanser that adapts to each type of skin.

Currently there are many applications for different activities of the day. Think that you can include this cleaning in one of them and have a reminder to do it daily.


This step is complementary to the previous one. During the night the skin is naturally detoxified, the body recharges energy and the body rests preparing for a new day. You can take advantage of this natural process to enhance your skin.

In this you have to take into account two things, try to sleep better and the adequate time (8 hours a day) on the one hand; and also without fail apply a night cream every night.


Masks are the perfect ally and at Derma Clinic Spain we have treatments that deepen their effects in an incredible way. However, the inability to constantly go to the pharmacy or request an appointment at a clinic means that we must take other measures.

As we pointed out before, you can put a reminder on your mobile phone that tells you to put on cream or that somehow reminds you how important it is for your skin to do so. Think that you have no excuses for not spending time.


Drinking water and changing eating habits are two essential points when it comes to detoxifying the skin, because as they say out there “we are what we eat” and our skin reflects our good or bad eating habits. Juices detox, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, decrease the consumption of sugars and fats, will allow our skin to look much healthier.

Remember, this is a passing thing. We will return to the streets, day by day, to move from one place to another. Take advantage of this time, less and less is missing. At Derma Clinic Spain we will be waiting for you

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