Hair Care / Alopecia

Alopecia – means hair loss. Hair harmonizes the image of people and is considered a health attribute. Many people suffer from hair loss that causes them significant psychological effects. Alopecia affects both men and women.

Can you prevent or treat hair loss?

YES, if we start from a good diagnosis, a personalized diagnosis can stop the hair loss. Each hair pathology and each patient needs a different therapeutic strategy. For the diagnosis we use several methods of diagnosis as: visual exploration studies and analytical, biopsy

The most frequent treatments used in alopecia treatment: pharmacological treatments, capillary mesotherapy – infiltration of vitamins that contribute nutrients to the capillary bulb and potentiates the microcirculation, biostimulation with platelet rich plasma – that increases the follicular vascularization and increases the size of the follicle and the Hair … Y / O Surgical treatments – FUE microsurgery technique.


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