Pathology of the Nails

NAIL MICOSIS: One of the most frequent nail diseases is mycosis. Fungi can invade nail structures at different locations by promoting subtypes of the disease.

The toenails, especially the big toe and less frequently the nails of hands, have a yellowish color indicating the onset of the disease. The disease usually starts from the free edge advancing in the direction of the hand or foot. The germ is located below the nail plate taking it off, leaving in its advance the carving of a cavity that often favors the nesting of other microorganisms such as bacteria, generating mixed infections. A particular bacterium gives a characteristic green color. A genetic predisposition to the condition of nail fungi is recognized, especially in feet. However, the appearance of fungal nails very rarely occurs in childhood. Only after adolescence do the first cases begin.

Ungual mycoses are difficult and slow to treat. Oral tablets are generally recommended. Various treatments like creams, spray. However, the safety of modern oral antifungal drugs contraindicates their use in very special and therefore rare circumstances.


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It refers to an inflammatory and painful process of the skin that surrounds the toenails, especially in the big toe. The disease involves the nail as a source of irritation on the surrounding tissues. Therefore the nail is not strictly the affected element, But the inducer of the problem. The nail plate projects over the folds of skin that frame it entering deeply into these tissues and inflaming them. The ingrown nail may occur in isolation or be recurrent in patients who have this predisposition. Pain is a common symptom and it is not uncommon for the periods of greater inflammation to escape from the fluid area as a suppuration. However, such suppuration does not refer to infection. The disease does not require infection to occur. Infection can be seen in some circumstances as a process that is clearly secondary.

The treatment consists of removing the section of nail embedded in the surrounding skin. Such a procedure is performed by various techniques of a surgical type.

UNPACKING AND NAIL TRAUMATISM: The nail peeling is generated by a wide range of traumatizamos Cleaning procedures such as intense brushing, repeated rubbing with shoes or tight shoes, manipulation of chemicals or diseases such as psoriasis can cause detachment. There are even drugs that by themselves or along with other factors generate detachment

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