Diseases of the skin

Skin diseases are often expressed with irritation, redness, rashes, etc., and their causes may be infectious in nature, inherit a systematic illness, or simply have an unknown cause.
The degree of manifestation of these diseases of the skin is very diverse. Many are simply annoying and anti aesthetic like seborrheic dermatitis, warts, blemishes, acne, … and are usually treated with dermo-cosmetic and medicine. Others are more upset by pain and itching (hives, herpes, skin cancer, etc.), and others that are treated but can become serious.
In today’s society an increase in skin diseases at all ages, it is said that toxic additives that are included in products such as GM and other toxic foods, pollution and stres could be the reason.
For a diagnosis, control, treatment visit the dermatologist once a year obligatory, and if you want to have a healthy skin and look good in DermaClinic we offer a long list of treatments for healthy skin every day.