Not being able to leave the house and the anxiety generated by the coronavirus situation can affect our health and aesthetics. Take into account some details of the day to day will have to spend these days at home without neglecting these aspects.
In recent weeks, our customs and habits have changed dramatically. We began to have a life much more inclined to sedentary lifestyle and with the strong social conscience of staying at home to take care of ourselves and take care of the rest.
Silvia Ibarra, a medical specialist in psychiatry, considered in this regard: “In moments of involuntary isolation, that is, it was imposed because we must take care of ourselves and our neighbor, the first thing that may appear is the feeling that we are bored.” Given this factor, there may be weight gain. “And when anxiety occurs, we start to peck uncontrollably, whether they are biscuits or potato chips, which can put health at risk as well as cause weight gain,” he said.
Nutrition specialists assure that it is best to organize meals and respect schedules. The fact of “eating out of boredom” should be something that we detect for a while so as not to favor weight gain or the consumption of foods that are not rich in nutrients.
With Derma Clinic Spain we leave you some tips to avoid falling into these temptations and finish the confinement in the best way:

Light pecking

Prepare light foods to eat between meals and not reach meals desperately. You can cut fruits or separate nuts for those moments where anxiety wins you.

These snacks prevent us from reaching lunch or dinner in a state of anxiety or oral hyperexia, a sensation for which we want to “eat everything”.

Prioritize fruits and vegetables in meal preparation

This will be extremely beneficial to your health in these times of coronavirus. Having a well-fed and strengthened organism based on healthy foods will help your body have all the defenses to face any infection, bacteria or virus.

Take advantage (whenever possible) of some sun

If possible, they also recommend exposing yourself for 10 to 15 minutes in the sun to synthesize vitamin D, which has a very important role in the muscular, nervous system and what interests us most today: the immune system.

Move even while at home

According to Adrian Schiavello, a physical education teacher, physical trainer and functional training coach, isolation is not synonymous with staying still, but with being able to move in a small space such as the classroom.

There are many online classes, exercise routines, apps to carry out a workout. In addition, the day-to-day things can be very helpful, for example, if you have stairs you can take advantage of them or you can improvise some weights with some homemade element to make weight.

Remember, resist this situation that in this we are all together. Do your best, do not be defeated and remember that there is always a solution. From this we will come out better and we will stop this virus together.

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