Lip Prosthesis

Permalip is a new prosthesis that allows to increase the volume of the lips of painless way, obtaining natural and permanent results

Among the methods that exist to increase the volume of the lips, one of the most innovative is the Permalip. It is a solid but soft silicone prosthesis. This feature helps prevent leakage of the liquid from the prosthesis, being Permalip one of the safest methods among all those that exist. The insertion of this prosthesis in the upper and lower lips (or in a single lip) allows a permanent and natural result.

The intervention is performed under local anesthesia, so it is painless, and lasts for almost half an hour for each lip. After the operation, the patient is not hospitalized and can return home. The only problem that can be found during the postoperative period is the appearance of small eccemas or edema in the treated area, which will be reduced as the days go by, allowing the results to be admired.

Permalip’s features make it one of the safest methods you can use to increase lip volume. It will not be necessary, for example, to undergo periodic injections of hyaluronic acid to have fleshy lips. Indeed, Permalip offers permanent and natural results.

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