Facial Lifting with Threads – Without Surgery

Elevating the relaxed tissues to give the face a younger and healthier appearance, preserving the natural features and characteristics of each person without going through the operating room is the main indication of Lifting without Surgery.

The technique consists in the subcutaneous implantation of tensor threads that allow to hold the skin and other fallen structures and to reposition them to a higher level and thus to recover the oval aspect of a young face, as opposed to the square aspect of an aged face, without necessity of Going through the operating room.


The current problems of society is to stop in aging and feel good. While we spend many hours caring for our faces, the neck is often forgotten, even though it easily dehydrates and grows old. Over the years the production of elastin and collagen is reduced and we need to increase the care of our neck. Currently there are few minimally invasive treatments and Derma Clinic has developed lifting techniques without neck surgery using threads with cones (tensors), which consists of implantation with minimal local anesthesia in the posterior part of the neck (posterior triangle in the schema), with results Excellent, and can be combined with product infiltration techniques that stimulates the manufacture of collagen and regenerators …

Moderate tissue swelling, transient local irritation, edema, mild hematomas that disappear within a few weeks and can be easily masked with makeup

Each patient is evaluated individually and we offer the best solution for your problem