Minor Surgery

Minor surgery includes a series of simple surgical procedures and generally short duration, performed on superficial tissues (skin) and / or easily accessible structures under local anesthesia, with low risk and without major surgical complications


▪ Repair of skin lacerations (cuts)
▪ Drainage of nail bruises
▪ Drainage of abscesses

The programmed procedures:
▪ Skin cysts, abscesses
▪ Skin Marks / Skin Biopsy
▪ Incision and drainage of an abscess
▪ Warts (wart) Treatment of destruction
▪ Removal of nevus pigmentar
▪ Tumor biopsy
▪ Verugas
▪ Nevus benign skin
▪ Polka dots, hairy warts, mollusc
▪ Penis Surgeons and Vaginal Warts
▪ The spider veins
▪ Encretion toenails (ingrown toenails)
▪ Fatty tumors-lipomas

▪ Precancerous and cancerous skin lesions
▪ Laceration and incision repair of skin and soft tissue
▪ Treatment of leg veins
▪ Biopsy of the nail. –
▪ Management of pigmented lesions: –
▪ Removal of keratosis. – Nevus excision
▪ Strange body on the skin and soft tissues and many more conditions …
▪ Suspected malignant lesions (basal cells, squamous cell, melanomas).
▪ Cryosurgery, electrosurgery


Will it hurt?
Only the local anesthetic hurts when they are given. Then the procedure is painless.
How long does it take?
This depends on the condition being treated. Typically, an injury that is removed by electrocautery will take 10-15 minutes. Any change that the cleavage and stitches later will be up to half an hour or more.
In Derma Clinic all patients are evaluated and individually diagnosed choose the most effective and least invasive technique