Today we tell you a very special story, that of the Founder of Derma Clinic Spain, Dr. Sergiu Vieru, with his own body.

They say that to set an example the best thing is to have felt it in your own flesh and so it is that like Dr. Sergiu Vieru, in just 3 years, he has gone from a total demotivation with his own body to surpassing all his goals.

“I was always a pretty skinny guy with a fast metabolism. This is great, you think, but the truth is that in the mirror I looked scrawny and unattractive. I hated seeing myself in photos and I didn’t like how any item of clothing fit me. In short, my body did not feel comfortable. I also didn’t have in mind to do much to change my appearance.

I had accepted that it was so and that it was a matter of time to resign myself. After all, others told me that I was very lucky to be thin and with that idea I managed to hide the feeling of discomfort and rejection that my own body generated in me.

2018 arrived and seeing me in this photo would be the impulse I needed to say “enough” of complaining about your body and doing nothing. In addition, I was already

helping other people with nutritional issues, and I saw that the results were impressive, why not be the engine of change? And since then I decided to take care of my diet, do a proper exercise routine and work my mind to be constant and disciplined. And 2019 arrived where my goals were already a reality.

I will not deny that at first it seemed like an effort and you already know that when something involves a sustained effort over time, it has less chance

of going well. But I was wrong, because soon that effort would become a lifestyle with which I felt more physically and mentally agile. I felt like I was eating what my body needed, no more, no less,

and in the gym I didn’t spend more than an hour. It is true that I had additional help with medical aspects that I myself established. And to my surprise, my body continued to

transform until in 2020 I have a physique that 3 years ago I would never have imagined.

So if you are

in a situation similar to the one I was in in 2017, you feel stagnant with your physical development and unmotivated, I have a multidisciplinary solution for you and I will be happy to help you. You just have to request your appointment at my Derma Clinic Spain consultation and come see me, I’ll take care of the rest.”


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