The skin is the largest and heaviest organ in the human body. Around it there are different types of alterations such as blackheads known as comedones. They are an obstruction of the dermal pores that appear due to the production of a fatty substance. Its popular name is due to the shape and color it takes on due to the accumulation of melanin.

Although blackheads or comedones are not a significant problem, in some cases the obstruction that does not allow the drainage of the sebaceous gland must be removed.

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Scientists who have conducted studies on this skin formation point out that the accumulation of fat mixes with cellular debris. These are retained at the outlet of the sebaceous gland by inflammation or excess secretions. Consequently, the gland cannot drain quickly and effectively, acquiring a black hue.

The hormonal changes that occur in adolescence make comedones more frequent during this period. Also, sebum can be caused by factors such as weather, medications, and genetic characteristics. In this sense, it affects both men and women.


Although the studies that exist so far do not indicate a 100% effective method to avoid the appearance of comedones, there are some measures that can reduce the chances of their generation. Also, these preventive actions can reduce your size and the number of comedones.

Correct daily cleaning, the use of products that regulate sebaceous secretion and with a certain keratolytic action can help prevent them.

As specialists in dermatology, at Derma Clinic Spain we recommend a visit with a specialist doctor to put together a skin care routine adapted to each person. In this way, comedones are not only avoided or prevented, but the properties of the skin are enhanced, it looks brighter and improves the health of the tissues.


The first step to take into account is prevention. The reduction or elimination of comedones is easier if the person performs proper hygiene and hydrates their skin daily.

As for the extraction, it is not recommended that each person press their skin and extract them at home. This can cause skin lesions and promote the entry of bacteria. Not having the right space, knowledge and material can be counterproductive. The extraction must be carried out by a professional to take into account the necessary care and know how to treat the skin.

On the other hand, the use of pins, needles, clips to extract them at home is not recommended. This cannot remove them completely, it removes the top layer of the skin and also irritates the tissues.

There are also many masks that “tear out” the black dots. In most cases, they not only remove blackheads but also remove the sebaceous filaments that provide antual oiliness. By removing all of this, the skin can become dry or irritated.

At Derma Clinic Spain we first carry out a diagnosis to know which is the appropriate procedure for each person. In case an extraction is necessary, Dr. Sergiu Vieru is a qualified professional to perform the procedure. We also have a sanitized and sterilized space so that the treatment is done in a safe environment.

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