Beautification is a concept in avant-garde aesthetic medicine and coined by the most prestigious aesthetic doctors on the planet after years of scientific research. The objective is to analyze and find the key points on each face to enhance natural and authentic beauty. It can be done at any age and it is a very personalized protocol.

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To carry out this technique correctly and successfully, it is essential that the aesthetic doctor knows perfectly how the so-called “divine proportions” are structured. This concept, defined by the artist Miguel Ángel, lasts until today as the foundation of any work of art whose objective is to achieve beauty. And that is the foundation of aesthetic medicine: achieving beauty.

How is Traditional Full Face Beautification different?

The full face is one of the best ways to tackle a makeover and, as with Beautification, it combines several treatments, albeit with the aim of slowing down and reversing the aging process.

Embellishment encompasses a greater spectrum of patients, without the need to be oriented to the antiaging aspect.

As mentioned previously, the premises of this treatment stem from the study and analysis of the factions of each patient. The understanding of the face allows the enhancement of each feature while respecting the proportions and naturalness of each person.

Both for the full face and for beautification, it is important that the aesthetic doctor is highly trained, as is the case of Dr. Sergiu Vieru of Derma Clinic Spain, who has been trained and continues to do so rigorously in the sector.

This concept is applied at Derma Clinic Spain under the administration of the dermatologist Sergiu Vieru, who spells out the treatments to achieve lasting and affected results that respect human health.


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