The Beautification treatment aims to highlight the natural beauty of each person. It highlights favorable points and softens those that are not. The key is to know perfectly the facial features and at Derma Clinic Spain, Dr. Sergiu Vieru is a great specialist.

More info: Beautification: the medical-aesthetic method that highlights true natural beauty

In this article we list 5 reasons to choose this star and innovative treatment:

1. Avoid the operating room
With the Beautification treatment you can refine the face, project the cheekbones, give volume to the lips, correct the chin area, correct nose irregularities, smooth imperfections. All this is achieved without losing expressiveness or entering the operating room.
This procedure is outpatient and does not involve surgical intervention for major changes.

2. Use hyaluronic acid
The star component of this procedure is hyaluronic acid, an element naturally present in the body. Provides a more harmonious, less tired and more attractive appearance.
By applying it you get:

  • Maintains the correct structure of the skin
  • Retains water in the epidermis, as it hydrates naturally
  • Facilitates cell repair
  • Fill in wrinkles

3. It is a personalized treatment
The development of this procedure is carried out based on the characteristics of each face. Each person is different and that is why when doing it, they plan how to get the best version of each patient.
Knowing perfectly the facial features and proportions is the best kept secret of this treatment. The points of application and retouching must be studied carefully to achieve the objective: NATURALITY.

4. Does not change traits
This treatment enhances beauty in a general way but does not fundamentally modify facial features. It softens favorable points and softens others that are not, seeking harmony at all times.
In addition, the face will not lose expressiveness and the skin will look more luminous and rejuvenated.

5. Dr. Sergiu Vieru is an expert in this treatment
Knowing the facial features perfectly is something that our medical director knows clearly. The administration of this treatment in your hands allows to achieve successful and satisfactory results. In addition, at Derma Clinic Spain we offer a free valuation consultation to previously know how the procedure would be for each person, inform the price and answer personal doubts or concerns.


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