Rejuvenation – Improve skin quality

MESOTHERAPY – microinjections of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and nourish the skin.




REVITALIZATION / BIO-STIMULATION – Stimulation through needling and revitalizing, natural extracts, homeopathy and autologous (blood plasma),



MESO THREADS  – PDO thread implants – stimulants for the production of collagen,





MEDICAL PEELING – Elimination of dead skin cells (hyperkeratosis) of the skin and renewal by medical chemical acids (concentrated-controlled)

3-5 sessions with intervals of between one week and one month with visible results are recommended. Repeat maintenance and / or repetition procedures after 3-6 months

Combination of master treatments and the combination of mesotherapy, facial threads, platelet-rich plasma, hyaluronic acid, with the contribution of maximum nutrients and growth stimulants of collagen

EARS – With age the ears are enlarged and the lobe loses smoothness and volume. Holes made to wear earrings also increase in size and wrinkle the preauricular area. The infiltration of hyaluronic acid into the lower lobe of the ear and the preauricular area is a simple and very grateful technique, although in some cases surgery is necessary.

Other rejuvenating treatments: Remodeling of lips, chin, rhinoplasty without surgery