Chemical Peeling

Do you want to keep your skin always young?

The medical chemical peels are the solution for your problems of spots, wrinkles, dehydration, lack of luminosity, acne

What is chemical peeling?

The chemical peeling in a simple technique used to improve the appearance of the skin through the accelerated renewal of the most superficial layers of the skin and the repair of the deep layers

What results do we get from peeling?

– decrease the depth of wrinkles and firm the skin

– remove stains and homogenize skin tone

– Control the excess of fat and the own inflammation of acne prone skin, acne

– reduce scars, acne marks and stretch marks

– revitalize and moisturize the skin

– lighten dark circles

We have several types of peeling?

If, depending on the depth of action of the chemical agents used the peels can be:


Superficial – we treat fine wrinkles, oily skin and dilated pores, non-uniform color, dehydration, lack of luminosity, dark circles

Middle- we treat wrinkles, spots, scars and stretch marks

Deep-flaccidity, severe spots, deep scars

What can you notice during and after the peeling?

During the application it is normal to feel a tingling or itching sensation that returns within a few minutes of having removed the peeling

After the treatment you will feel the skin slightly tight and red, but very smooth and soft

During the first week is when the skin undergoes the process of cellular renewal that results in a slight exfoliation. You should not worry, because it is a beneficial effect for the skin and never stretch the skins, since you can make small wounds that will become pigmentations or scars.

How often can peels be made?

The peeling can be done every 21-30 days, the final number of treatments will always depend on the condition of the skin and the result that you want to achieve.

Although there is a belief that they can only be made in winter, peels can be made throughout the year using products that protect and prepare the skin against solar radiation.

Consult with the specialist doctor of Derma Clinic the best treatment for your skin type and problem and we recommend the best solution individualized.