Vascular Unit / Varices

It consists of introducing a very fine needle with which a drug is injected that produces a controlled inflammatory reaction in the walls of the varix. With this, the vein is closed and the varix disappears as such. Only at the time of injection will the patient notice a very slight burning sensation that will disappear in 15-20 seconds.

It is a medical treatment is not conditioned by time and yes by the amount of medicine injected. The treated varicose veins present after the session, and during the following days, a greater redness and some inflammation that is not worrisome. The varix disappears within 4-12 weeks.

The sessions corresponding to a treatment of microvarices last between 30-60 minutes and are performed with intervals of 21 days.

After the session, compression stockings should be worn for at least 7 days. Throughout the treatment, the sun exposure in the treated areas should be avoided.

The treatment can be performed in both small varicose veins (spider veins) and large varicose veins (varicose disease – venous statsis) with different techniques for each problem. Sometimes a Doppler-Vascular ultrasound diagnosis is necessary for a better treatment efficiency

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