Cellulite / Localized fat

Cellulite treatment localized fat

Mesotherapy corporal – microinjections with medicines like Lcarnitina, artichoke extract, organic silicon, homeopathy It is recommended between 5-10 sessions with surprising results.

Intralipoterapia (AQUALIX-liposuction without surgery),

Tissue Detoxification (ALIDYA) – the best treatment for resistant cellulite …


-Alydia Primer injectable indicated for the prevention and treatment of CELLULITIS,. The medical procedure is weekly sessions for 6-12 weeks.

Results visible since the 3rd session.

What is cellulite? Cellulite is an aesthetic pathology characterized by deterioration of the skin surface, especially in the legs, and whose appearance is popularly known as orange peel. Cellulite is not an excess of fat

What is Alidya? Alydia is the first medical injectable medical device specifically indicated for the prevention and treatment of cellulite developed by the DR. Pascuale Motolese

How does Alidya work? Alydia regenerates the adipose tissue of the patient, which allows the skin to recover a normalized appearance in a fast and safe way